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Continuous Support Program (CSP)

What is CSP and Why Should I Purchase it?

Austin N.C.'s CSP is a yearly maintenance support program that ensures your investment in our products.  The CSP program provides:

Comparison of Benefits

The table below compares the benefits of being covered by the CSP program vs. not being covered by the CSP program.


Technical Support
  1. Unlimited contact with technical support personnel
  2. License replacement
  3. Priority response
  1. No contact with technical support personnel
  2. Not available
  3. Not available

New Product Licenses

Enhancement Releases

Maintenance Releases

  1. New modules and options receive a 10% CSP member discount
  2. Software enhancement releases at no charge
  3. Software maintenance releases at no charge
  1. No discount
  2. Software enhancement release at list price
  3. Software maintenance release at list price
  1. Priority notice of new software releases
  1. Not notified
Special Perks
  1. Advice and counseling on the use and maintenance of Austin N.C. products
  2. Trade-in credit when changing environments
  3. Receive protection from price increases during term of contract
  1. No advice or counseling on products
  2. No trade-in credit when changing environments
  3. No protection from price increases


CSP Agreement and Third Party Products

To view the CSP Agreement for the terms and conditions of the program, please click here.  Third-party products are not available for CSP benefits.  For third party products, you receive the vendor's original warranty, and Austin N.C., Inc. can assist you in contracting for support coverage directly with such vendors.