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About Austin N.C., Inc.

Company Overview

Austin N.C., Inc. (ANC) provides manufacturing software and services to numerous companies world-wide.  We are the inventor of the G-Post™, a generalized postprocessor which allows for the generation of output to control any turning, milling, wire-edm, or other NC/CNC machine tools.  Our goal is to provide quality products, services, and support to our customers.  We have over 40 years of experience in the CAM/CNC industry and are located in Austin, TX, the "high-tech" capital of Texas.

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Company History

Austin N.C., Inc. has a long history and a significant amount of experience in the CNC manufacturing area.  Austin N.C., Inc. evolved from University Computing Company (UCC) in 1982 after many successful years of serving the manufacturing industry with the most widely used NC programming system available.  This product offering was provided through the timesharing services of UCC.


In 1987, the company merged with Automated Industrial Systems (AIS) to become Cimco.  This merger brought the NC products together with a successful DNC implementation.  Shortly there after, Cimco changed its name to Cimpoint.


In 1989, Cimpoint merged with Intercim Corporation combining two successful DNC engineering efforts into an organization that also included a new Statistical Process Control (SPC) product and high end machine monitoring expertise. 


In 1995, Intercim Corporation was acquired by Effective Management Systems (EMS ®).  This acquisition produced an organization that had a complete product line that could take manufacturing operations from order entry through completion of the machining process on the factory floor. 


In 1999, EMS was acquired by Industrial & Financial Systems Americas, Inc. (IFS - a Delaware corporation).  Intercim, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of IFS Americas, Inc., which is part of Sweden-based IFS AB.


History was made on October 1, 2001 when Intercim NC Solutions Center, the Austin Texas Business Unit of Intercim, Inc. was spun-off as an independent, privately held company known as Austin N.C., Inc.

Contact Information and Testimonies

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