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G-Post ™ Generalized Postprocessor

The G-Post is an easy to use, Best-In-Class generalized postprocessor software tool which allows our customers to be more productive.  More than 35 years of industry experience has led to the development of these tools that allow the G-Post to generate output to control any turning, milling, mill-turn, wire-edm, or other NC/CNC machine tool.  Major G-Post features include:


To download the G-Post product brochure click here.

CAD / CAM Interfaces

Is the limited postprocessing capabilities of your CAD/CAM system frustrating?  Do you have multiple postprocessing solutions to support?  If so, Austin N.C. has the solution for you!  Cimpro screenshotWe support multiple CAD/CAM interfaces, which when working with the G-Post and CIMpro applications, can make developing postprocessor solutions much more efficient.














For information about products and services for specific CAD/CAM systems, select the desired CAD/CAM system in the combo list box below:

APT System

Austin N.C.'s APT System is the Compatible APT System.  This is a greatly enhanced derivative of the industry standard UCC-APT (Automatically Programmed Tools) system.  A complete programming system designed to simplify the process of preparing the data necessary for controlling NC or CNC machines.  Austin N.C.'s APT system has become the industry standard compatible processor supporting all popular flavors of legacy APT systems such as: 


To download a brochure, click the APT image at the right.


For a brief overview of the G-Post or APT System, please download the applicable free brochure above.  To order a hard bound copy of any of our manuals, you can place an order online.