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Documentation - Printed Manuals

Printed copies of our manuals can be purchased by filling out the following form and pressing the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the page.  Your request will be automatically sent to our order processing department.


Note:  Order prices DO NOT include shipping/freight charges.  A shipping and handling fee will be based on the delivery method selected and overall weight of the order.  This fee will be added to the order prices shown below.   To order one or more printed manuals, please fill out the entire form below:



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Select the Desired Manuals

Manual Descriptions:

  • G-Post:  a reference manual for the Generalized Postprocessor (mill and lathe)
  • FIL:  an overview and reference manual for the Factory Interface Language
  • APT Programming:  a programming reference manual for the APT System
  • APT Lathe Module:  a programming reference manual for the APT Lathe Module
  • NC Systems Guide: installation/setup instructions and release notes for ANC software
  • G-Post Set:  includes the G-Post manual, FIL manual, and NC Systems Guide

Applicable State Sales Taxes:

  • Shipments within Texas, add 8.25% sales tax

NOTE:  all prices are subject to change without notice, and do not include tax (if applicable) or shipping and handling.

Shipping Information

Payment Policy
If you are paying by Check or Electronic Funds Transfer we must receive it before your order can be shipped.  Payment by Credit Card/Debit card is available via the “Online Pay Option” tab. If you are issuing a Purchase Order, we must receive a hard copy of the Purchase Order before your order can be shipped (see Contact Us page for address or fax number).


Note:  we will only accept purchase orders from customers that have already established accounts with Austin N.C., Inc. and are in good standing. 


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